Crowns & Caps

Restoring Smiles with Precision

A confident smile is a powerful asset, and modern dentistry has advanced significantly to ensure that everyone can maintain their oral health and aesthetics. Dental crowns and caps are two remarkable solutions that have become essential tools in the dentist’s arsenal, enabling them to restore teeth to their former glory. These dental restorations serve a vital role in maintaining oral health, improving appearance, and boosting self-esteem.

Understanding Dental Crowns and Caps

Dental crowns and caps are restorative dental treatments that are designed to cover, protect, and restore damaged or weakened teeth. They serve as a “cap” that encases the visible portion of a tooth, extending down to the gum line. These restorations are commonly made from various materials, including porcelain, ceramic, metal alloys, and composite resin. The choice of material depends on the specific needs of the patient, as well as considerations such as durability, aesthetics, and cost.

Benefits of Dental Crowns and Caps

  • Dental crowns are used to restore teeth that have been significantly damaged due to decay, fractures, or large fillings.
  • A dental crown can reinforce a weakened tooth by acting as a sturdy outer shell. This is particularly beneficial for teeth that have undergone root canal treatment or have substantial structural loss.
  • Dental crowns restore the biting and chewing functionality of damaged teeth. They help distribute the forces evenly across the tooth, preventing undue stress on surrounding teeth and the jaw.